The best way to keep your ropes from rubbing,
chafing, scratching or damaging your wood or fiberglass 
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The No-Wear Guard...
the world's finest Marine Grade stainless steel chafe or scratch resistant guard for your boat or yacht.


Protect Your Boat, Protect Your Passion


We have been ardent sailors (with many powerboating friends !!) for many years. From owning a charter yacht to running a small boat building company, we know how much care people lavish on their boats, both as an object of affection, and a solid investment.

After being asked for many years for a product to help stop ropes rubbing the gel coat, and having had the problem on our own boat, we've developed the No-Wear Chafe Guard to help protect your investment. It is made from only the finest quality marine grade components made in the United States, we are proud of our product and know it will help you as well.

Happy Sailing,

Michael and Amy Gorwits

Michael, Amy and Basil aboard Different Drummer.

40 Tons and 40,000 miles still looking good !!!!!

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