The best way to keep your ropes from rubbing,
chafing, scratching or damaging your wood or fiberglass 
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The No-Wear Guard...
the world's finest Marine Grade stainless steel chafe or scratch resistant guard for your boat or yacht.


Have you ever looked at your boat and wondered "HOW CAN I STOP THE ROPES RUBBING ON THE GELCOAT, FIBERGLASS AND WOOD" and prevent wear and tear on my boat?

Well now all your problems are over. Introducing "The No-Wear Chafe Guard"

Available in 6" x 2" (152 x 50mm) and 9" x 2" (228 x 50mm) sizes

Our prices are from $13.95(£8.75/€10.50 approx) each. (See order page for full details)

We ship anywhere in the world for one low price......(see order page)


We have the solution for you: the NO-WEAR CHAFE GUARD, made from only the finest quality materials. We have specifically designed our product for the marine environment to keep ropes from tearing up your boat's fiberglass, wood, or plastic surfaces. 

The No-Wear Chafe Guard is easy to install and by using only the highest grade marine Stainless Steel (type 316), and industrial strength double sided adhesive, we guarantee it will give years of troublefree service.
All of our products are domestically hand-made in the USA so that we can ensure that you receive the best quality at the best prices. We use only grade marine grade stainless steel (type 316) and the highest quality industrial adhesive, which means that your purchase will last for years of sailing.

The No-WearGuard  is easy to apply. Simply clean and dry the area of the boat to be used (lightly filling and sanding any dents if neccessary for best results).  Remove the backing paper from the adhesive tape, position the No-Wear Guard and press it down, rubbing with a soft cloth to ensure all edges are firmly stuck down.  If being used on a sharp bend, it is advisable to pre-bend before removing the backing paper(this can be done by hand, or around the area to be used) this will help with the adhesion. If for any reason you wish to remove the No-Wear Guard, use either a heat gun or hairdryer, gently heat until it can be pulled off.

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